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  • Heir of the Hearts Young Adult Faire Book

    Heir of Iron Hearts
  • The Spirit Reaping Young Adult Book

    The Spirit Reaping
  • The Spirit Battle Young Adult Book

    The Spirit Battle
  • The Spirit Warrior Young Adult Book

    The Spirit Warrior

    Three months after Joseph Stomper broke the laws of his people to save the Spirit Breather, he pleads with Onaconah, the Nunnehi war chief, to send him back among humans to protect Emily Morrow. But with a centuries-old grudge between them, Onaconah first challenges Joseph to complete a deadly mission without the use of Nunnehi […]

  • The Spirit Breather Young Adult Book

    The Spirit Breather

    When Joseph Stomper first heard the prophecy, he swore a blood oath to protect Emily Morrow. Only she can destroy the Raven Mockers, the shape-shifting

  • The Thorn Princess

    The Thorn Princess