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New Series Cover Reveal!

I am so pleased to reveal the cover for THE LOST COVEN, book 1 in my forthcoming Lost Cove Darklings series, which is now available for order.

THE LOST COVEN is a spin-off of my best-selling Iron Crown Faerie Tales series, picking up sixteen years after the end of Book 6, Queen of Ice and Snow. While the series is a spin-off in the same world, the series can also stand alone for readers who have not yet read The Thorn Princess and subsequent books.

Below is a synopsis for THE LOST COVEN:

Felicity Hawthorne has never been superstitious.

Coming from a long line of Appalachian healers, she’s helped Nan cast grounding spells and left gifts of candy and moonshine for the fair folk, but was any of it real? Not likely.

But when Felicity spots a mysterious boy at school that no one else can see, she begins to question the true origins of her family’s beliefs, as well as her place within it.  Could magic really exist? Were all of Nan’s stories true? Were her parents really who they seemed to be? Desperate for answers, Felicity follows the boy deep into the forest to discover a secret world lost to time itself. 

Too late, Felicity realizes the truth has consequences, that her search may come with a price she is unwilling to pay. 

Lured into a deadly world where blood is more valuable than precious stones, Felicity must call upon the hidden magic inside her if she has any hope of surviving in this dangerous new realm where the supernatural reigns.

Filled with magic, folklore, and romance, The Lost Coven is the first book in Bekah Harris’ captivating new series, The Lost Cove Darklings.