Kat Shehata is the author of Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral, now available on Amazon.

Author Kat Shehata discusses new release

The following post is an interview with Kat Shehata, author of Sea Biscuit vs. War Admiral, a non-fiction book for children about history’s most famous horse race. RH:  Your latest book, Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral, was released on June 13. What can readers expect from this story? KS: Seabiscuit’s story embodies the spirit of America. The race […]

New Facebook Page

Nothing like a good “Ah-ha!” moment to make you feel like a complete idiot. You know the ones I’m talking about. Those great ideas that come along at the suggestion of someone or something else, and you find yourself wondering: “Why didn’t I think of that?” I must admit that those moments come more often […]

Cloud Nine

Many cultures believe the New Year signifies a new beginning–the one time each year one can start over and make things better. In America, that often includes fad diets, gym memberships, and vows to lose those extra pounds packed on as a result of eating too many Christmas cookies. I admit to making those same […]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

If you believe the lyrics of carol crooners like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr., then you'll probably agree that Christmas is, indeed, a magical time of year. My beliefs certainly fall in line with that ideology. I love everything about Christmas–the spiritual significance, the weather, the colors, the wrapping paper, […]

The Return to Order is Near

Wow… It just occurred to me that I have not posted on this website since July, so for those of you who check from time to time for updates and discussion of books, I must apologize. On the surface, I probably seem like a complete and utter slacker who has neglected her website duties; however, […]

Congratulations to The Erwin Record staff!

Congratulations to Publisher Keith Whitson and the rest of The Erwin Record team for sweeping the Tennessee Press Association Awards and winning the coveted title for General Excellence for the ninth consecutive year! The awards are a reflection of 365 days of hard work, with each employee digging for news, writing their best, taking photos, […]

New project begins today

Today begins a new project. Call me a complete nerd, but I always get this ridiculous feeling of giddiness when I open a brand new blank Word document. All the bright white of the page is perfect in its emptiness because that means it's my job to fill it with words. It can become anything […]

New site launched

Welcome to rebekahharris.com, my brand spankin' new website, created by Unearthed Media! Here you can expect to find the latest updates and information regarding the effort to publish my first novel. To get you up to speed, I write Young Adult Paranormal literature and am currently working to have it published, but as I am […]