• The Glass Scepter Book by Bekah Harris Cover
    The Glass Scepter
  • Reign of Darkness Book Cover Bekah Harris
    The Reign of Darkness

    Following Queen Lyric’s daring sacrifice, darkness reigns in the Seelie Realm. Despite the investigation of the Seelie Realm Tribunal, Alena maintains control of Winter while Ivy prepares herself for battle in the mortal realm. With Lochlan’s help, Ivy will train to control her magic and her emotions, along with other skills required of a Winter […]

  • game-of-shadows-cover-author-bekah-harris
    Game of Shadows

    Will kingdoms fall in Faerie? Find out in the continuation of the bestselling faerie series. Following the rescue of Queen Lyric, Ivy and Jules recklessly abandon the Winter Court to rescue Bear and Nan from Alena, who is holding them captive in the human realm. While Ivy recovers her beloved Bear, he may never heal […]

  • The Thorn Princess Cover
    The Thorn Princess

    Ivy Hawthorne is certain of one thing: she’s a complete freak.  Quiet, intelligent, and a little odd, Ivy has always felt like an outsider at Kingston Academy, a private boarding school in the middle of nowhere. Maybe it’s because she sees auras that reveal people’s moods and motives. Or it could be the connection she […]

  • heir-of-the-hearts-cover2
    Heir of Iron Hearts

    Only weeks after Ivy’s return to her true home in the Winter Court, she finds herself thrown into life as a royal with a hectic schedule she hates and an Unseelie fiance she can’t stand. Even worse, the one person she is forbidden to love, Barrett Forbes, is her personal guard, which makes getting to […]