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Blood Tithe (signed) Book 2


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After being tricked into serving as the Mage for the Lost Cove Darklings, Felicity Hawthorne is considered sacred, finally valued for her magic after leaving the world that shunned her.

And while her blood is off-limits to the Laltogs, the vampire-like Fae that hide in Lost Cove, there is a certain dark prince Felicity wouldn’t mind baring her neck to.

But Felicity’s love life is the least of her problems.

Teenagers from the human realm are going missing, but they haven’t been taken to Lost Cove, which is bizarre enough on its own; then, two Lost Cove students disappear without a trace, adding to the mystery. And when Raven discovers a secret with the power to ignite ancient grudges, Felicity finds herself face to face with a dangerous reality–one that could come with a price even higher than her own life.

In a realm where secrets are deadly and blood is the most valuable currency, Felicity must learn to harness her power, swallow her pride, and lock away her heart if she has any hope of keeping her friends alive.

Filled with magic, deception, and forbidden romance, sink your teeth into Blood Tithe, Book 2 in Bekah Harris’ new series, The Lost Cove Darklings.

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