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Heir of Iron Hearts: Book 2 (signed)


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Only weeks after Ivy’s return to her true home in the Winter Court, she finds herself thrown into life as a royal with a hectic schedule she hates and an Unseelie fiance she can’t stand. Even worse, the one person she is forbidden to love, Barrett Forbes, is her personal guard, which makes getting to know Prince Ardan awkward and uncomfortable.

Ivy’s life spirals into more chaos when she discovers her human best friend, Jules, has journeyed to Faerie to find her and is now being used as a pawn against her. Together, Ivy and Jules must trust each other, carefully choosing every move in a dark game that would pit them against each other.

Meanwhile, the Winter Queen’s sister has escaped from her cell in the castle’s dungeons to form a dangerous alliance that could destroy the Winter Realm and all Ivy holds dear.

Filled with friendship, love, and lies, this exciting sequel to The Thorn Princess will keep you turning pages long into the night.


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