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Heir of Light & Shadow


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Following the Samhain attack on Lost Cove, Felicity’s life has changed. Again.

Now, thanks to her royal father, King Barrett, and the looming threat of her brother’s ascension to the Seelie throne, Felicity has been traded in marriage to Tristen, the dreamy darkling prince of Lost Cove, which would be awesome if the choice had been hers to make. But it hadn’t.

Even worse, dear ol’ daddy’s end game includes Felicity challenging her brother, Dillon, to a Game of Shadows–a deadly contest in which the surviving sibling wins the throne. Though she has plenty of badass Fae and Darklings to train her, Kyla and Rowena–the Laltogs responsible for the Samhain attack–are sowing discord in the Seelie Court, making strategic moves that speed the timeline of her father’s flawless plans.

Overwhelmed at every turn and isolated from everyone she cares about, Felicity must adapt to a life she’s never known if she has any hope of surviving her family’s twisted game. And most importantly, she must hone her skills in order to be the kind of princess she longs to be–one who saves herself.

Filled with action, romance, and betrayal, Heir of Light and Shadow is the heart-racing third installment of Bekah Harris’ bestselling series, The Lost Cove Darklings.


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