Queen of Ice and Snow: Book 6 (signed)


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The Ivy Hawthorne of the human realm is dead.

Her innocence was buried with Prince Ardan, who sacrificed his own life for hers.

Now standing in her place is Ivy, Queen of the Winter Court--whose sole desire is to protect her Fae and avenge the death of her beloved prince. With the entire Seelie Realm poised for war, the Laltog King, at the urging of Teagan and Slaine, is planning to set the entire Faerie World on fire. With both Seelie and Unseelie magic surging through her veins, Ivy will stop at nothing to bring her cousins’ treachery to an end.

Now that she is the most formidable ruler in either realm, will the power Ivy possesses prove too much? Will she lose herself in the midst of the savagery of war and her thirst for vengeance?

For even surrounded by friends and allies, Ivy’s heart is frozen, perhaps beyond the reach of those who love her most.

Caught in the middle of a power struggle the likes of which the Seelie Realm has never seen, Ivy must find the courage to stand, even when she stands alone, in her new world of ice and snow and betrayal.


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