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The Glass Scepter: Book 5 (signed)


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Life for Ivy Hawthorne has changed overnight.
Her reign as queen of the Winter Court is on the horizon, she is married to a dark Unseelie prince she used to hate, and she and Jules are about to graduate from high school in the human realm. Best of all, Alena’s threat to the Faerie Realm is over.

But as Nan used to say, when things seem too good to be true, they usually are.

With Alena’s daughter Teagan still missing and Slaine carrying the heir to the Seelie Court, Ivy can’t afford to let her guard down, even for a minute. And when the leaders of the Faerie Courts gather for a much anticipated union, the threat Ivy has been dreading may prove more dangerous than her darkest fears.

Trapped in Teagan’s ruthless web, Ivy will be forced to make impossible choices that will lead her to face her deepest secrets.


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