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The Reign of Darkness: Book 4 (signed)


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Following Queen Lyric’s daring sacrifice, darkness reigns in the Seelie Realm.

Despite the investigation of the Seelie Realm Tribunal, Alena maintains control of Winter while Ivy prepares herself for battle in the mortal realm. With Lochlan’s help, Ivy will train to control her magic and her emotions, along with other skills required of a Winter queen. But with Bear’s recent marriage to Slaine, keeping her heart in check could be the most challenging obstacle of all.

With alliances forged, protections granted, and promises made, Ivy finds herself the leader of a rebellion with the power to take back the Winter Court and restore balance to the Seelie Realm. But with Bear’s status as a new Seelie Prince and marriage to Slaine, Ivy’s battle plans could put her at odds with those she loves most.

Ivy has vowed to win her kingdom back, but at what cost?

Filled with friendship, adventure, and romance, Reign of Darkness is the fourth installment of the best-selling Iron Crown Faerie Tales series.


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