The Infernal Sacrament

An invisible war.
An inherited power.
The girl caught in between.

Ava knowns her ex is keeping secrets.
When Ava’s boyfriend Darien dumps her out of the blue, her world is turned upside down. Breakups are normal, so why is she convinced there’s more to it than he’s telling her?
Darien’s life is going straight to hell.
After his grandfather’s death, all Darien’s feelings for his girlfriend Ava completely disappeared. But that’s not all. Now, he is plagued by terrifying visions of creatures with sharp claws and gnashing teeth. But when he feels an inexplicable connection to a new girl, he discovers a family secret that will change his life.
Ava is determined to learn the truth.
Desperate for distraction, she finds herself drawn to Finn, a mysterious stranger with an uncanny ability to keep her mind off her heartache. But is he keeping the most dangerous secret of all?


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