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Happy New Year!

If the last five months of my life were a TV show, it would probably be some sort of embarrassing reality show in which a camera follows me around and captures all my less than graceful moments. I stumble, blurt out something painfully incorrect or humiliating, or realize I am wearing two different socks, and the viewers at home get a good laugh.

Me with the wonderfully talented Leslea Newman at my graduate reading at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

I say this in the most humorous of self-deprecating tones, as it would be a massive understatement to say that life has been a bit hectic as of late.  Since taking on a full-time job, finishing up my third and final degree, and completing revisions to my novel,  my life has morphed into a giant, out-of-control to-do list.  I need one of those T-shirts that says, “I’m in my own little world, but don’t worry, they like me here.”

So…for those of you who have been asking where on earth I’ve hidden myself, here is the honest truth. For fear of sounding like a pretentious Christmas letter, I promise I’ll be brief.

In August I started a full-time job, which I love, but it has included a lot of hard work. I am teaching high school again, which is super fun, but for those of you who teach, you know how challenging and time-consuming it is. Which brings me to my second massive challenge:

In November, I finished up my MFA in Writing through Spalding  University. My diploma is lying impatiently on my desk awaiting placement in its new frame. For those of you who are enrolled or have completed the Spalding program, you know it’s one of the greatest experiences ever, yet fraught with pain, sorrow, late nights, obscene loads of caffeine, and thesis deadlines.

And finally, I have been working toward final revisions on The Spirit Breather with hopes of putting on the finishing touches and sending out queries early in the new year.

It has certainly been an exciting year filled with challenges, blessings, and lots of self-deprecating humor (and don’t forget the caffeine). However, it has prevented me from blogging and continuing the author interviews that I enjoy so much. Hopefully, now that life feels slightly less hectic (but keep in mind, it is Christmas break), I hope to continue a few of my hobbies in the new year. Here’s to a blessed and successful 2013!

Happy New Year, everyone!



  1. Rebekah,

    Congratulations on the job, the newest degree, the novel……

    Wow, you’re a busy girl. You stay right in the center of that

    great whirlwind that you are in and you will definitely wind up

    in OZ!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!

  2. Thanks 4 being successful, happy holidays. I’m proud of ur accomplishments.

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