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  • The Spirit Breather Young Adult Book
    The Spirit Breather

    When Joseph Stomper first heard the prophecy, he swore a blood oath to protect Emily Morrow. Only she can destroy the Raven Mockers, the shape-shifting

  • The Spirit Warrior Young Adult Book
    The Spirit Warrior

    The Native Guardians Series: Book 2 Three months after Joseph Stomper broke the laws of his people to save the Spirit Breather, he pleads with Onaconah, the Nunnehi war chief, to send him back among humans to protect Emily Morrow. But with a centuries-old grudge between them, Onaconah first challenges Joseph to complete a deadly […]

  • The Spirit Battle Young Adult Book
    The Spirit Battle

    The Native Guardians Series: Book 3 Emily and Joseph have each other, but will their forbidden love cost Emily her life? Their defiance could prove deadly. Joseph Stomper’s decision to leave the Nunnehi to protect Emily Morrow has resulted in an immortal rebellion. Now, nearly a hundred Nunnehi rebels have abandoned Onaconah to fight alongside […]

  • The Spirit Reaping Young Adult Book
    The Spirit Reaping

    The Native Guardians Series: Book 4 Now that Onaconah’s soul has been taken by Derrick Alexander, it should be easier than ever to protect the people in the mountains of North Carolina. But despite Derrick’s promises that his Raven Mockers will no longer feast on innocent souls, people are disappearing in the mountains. Which leaves […]

Iron Crown Faerie Tales

  • The Glass Scepter Book by Bekah Harris Cover
    The Glass Scepter

    Life for Ivy Hawthorne has changed overnight. Her reign as queen of the Winter Court is on the horizon, she is married to a dark Unseelie prince she used to hate, and she and Jules are about to graduate from high school in the human realm. Best of all, Alena’s threat to the Faerie Realm […]

  • Reign of Darkness Book Cover Bekah Harris
    The Reign of Darkness

    Following Queen Lyric’s daring sacrifice, darkness reigns in the Seelie Realm. Despite the investigation of the Seelie Realm Tribunal, Alena maintains control of Winter while Ivy prepares herself for battle in the mortal realm. With Lochlan’s help, Ivy will train to control her magic and her emotions, along with other skills required of a Winter […]

  • game-of-shadows-cover-author-bekah-harris
    Game of Shadows

    Will kingdoms fall in Faerie? Find out in the continuation of the bestselling faerie series. Following the rescue of Queen Lyric, Ivy and Jules recklessly abandon the Winter Court to rescue Bear and Nan from Alena, who is holding them captive in the human realm. While Ivy recovers her beloved Bear, he may never heal […]

  • The Thorn Princess Cover
    The Thorn Princess

    Ivy Hawthorne is certain of one thing: she’s a complete freak.  Quiet, intelligent, and a little odd, Ivy has always felt like an outsider at Kingston Academy, a private boarding school in the middle of nowhere. Maybe it’s because she sees auras that reveal people’s moods and motives. Or it could be the connection she […]

  • heir-of-the-hearts-cover2
    Heir of Iron Hearts

    Only weeks after Ivy’s return to her true home in the Winter Court, she finds herself thrown into life as a royal with a hectic schedule she hates and an Unseelie fiance she can’t stand. Even worse, the one person she is forbidden to love, Barrett Forbes, is her personal guard, which makes getting to […]

Guardians of Elysium

  • the-infernal-sacrament-cover
    The Infernal Sacrament

    An invisible war. An inherited power. The girl caught in between.   Ava knowns her ex is keeping secrets. When Ava’s boyfriend Darien dumps her out of the blue, her world is turned upside down. Breakups are normal, so why is she convinced there’s more to it than he’s telling her?   Darien’s life is […]

  • The Brotherhood of Shadows Book 2
    The Brotherhood of Shadows

    Coming Soon…


Another Great Review for The Spirit Breather

Life for an indie author is fast-paced and deadline oriented, but regardless of time, I always pour my whole heart into my stories. Sometimes, if my ranking slips or if I haven’t had a review in a bit, I, like anyone committed to a challenging career, start to question my passion for writing and publishing. […]